The Importance of Branding & Visual Identity

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Branding. Brand Strategy. Visual Identity. You’ve heard these words a thousand times, but what does it really mean? Why’s it so important? Well – as we’re giving ourselves here at Titanology a bit of a refresh, it’s a perfect time to delve into this topic.


Why Do You Need A Brand Strategy?

Branding impacts how your business is viewed both internally (by your team) and externally (by your ideal customer). A strategic visual identity is more than your logo, name, or tagline you settle upon. It’s your brand’s entire personality, wrapped up in a bite-sized package.

That sounds complicated, right? How do you pack everything you offer into such a small package? The answer is strategy. To create the strongest identity, you need to boil down all your offers, your mission, your customer, and who you are as a leader, to the most important pieces. What you’ll have left is the very essence of your brand – and that’s how you’ll create a strong brand identity.

Branding is NOT a brand strategy, but it IS your brand strategy.

If you’re going to get serious about your branding, you need to understand what branding does for your business.

A strong brand strategy will:

  • Create Recognition. By carrying the same visual message across all mediums, you’ll create greater recognition for your brand. Consumers will instantly recognize who you are whether they’re seeing you on social media, in their inbox, or IRL. And when they’re ready to take the next steps – they’ll instinctively go for what they recognize.

  • Build Trust. Consistent brand messaging creates trust between you and your potential customer. Think about it: when you discover a new brand, you’re looking for social proof that they are whom they say they are. Through branding, you’ll let your new customers know they can trust you – because you’re giving them a consistent message and they know what to expect.

  • Improve marketing efforts. If you’re spending money on marketing and you don’t have an effective brand identity, you’re wasting your money. Marketing simply won’t be the business driver you’re hoping for if you’re not going in with an identity that creates recognition and builds trust. 

  • Increase employee engagement. Your team wants to feel like they’re a part of something bigger. Your branding can go a long way to driving potential talent to you – as they see that message and want to be part of it. Even things like branded swag can continue to drive your mission home to your team, keeping them engaged and excited about what they’re working towards.

  • Create customer loyalty. Just like your team, your customers want to feel that they’re making a difference with their dollars. And you need loyal customers if you want to build a successful, sustainable company. Strong messaging that speaks to one person will create an emotional connection between the brand and the customer – and emotional connections are what will keep your customers returning to you over and over.


Titanology: A Brand Strategy Case Study

Let’s bring this full circle now, eh?

Titanology’s getting a bit of a refresh – we’re so excited to bring our mission to life in our new visual identity. We’ve recently unveiled our new logo, colors, and most importantly: a more defined mission and understanding of what YOU get when you work with Titanology and your Titan Master team in the Out & Proud Business Hub.

Our brand identity was created by defining our core values, customer mindset, and tone of voice. 

Core Values

  • Community. As queer entrepreneurs, we grow together and help each other meet our goals. We operate from a shared mission and shared responsibility to make the world a better place by working with our local and global communities.
  • Accountability. We’re humble enough to seek help in realizing our vision when we need it and offer that help in return when others ask for it.
  • Rebels. We reject the lies that we’re incapable, unworthy, and weak. We speak our minds and take decisive action. We have the passion and drive to meet our goals.
  • Growth Mindset. We recognize that the road isn’t easy – but we’re resolved to improve every day. We constantly and incrementally improve to get to the next level in both business and life.

The Titan Ecosystem

Titan: One who stands OUT for greatness.

Our Titan Community is formed by growth-driven LGBTQ+ individuals and allies. We are brave entrepreneurs who have something to prove to anyone who doubts us, but most importantly – to prove to ourselves that we CAN have the business we desire and deserve. We dream big and have the potential to become TITANs of industry no matter what one we’re in. We know we can achieve this because we have the support of a highly skilled group of individuals who are there to help us every step of the way.

Titans are



Titan Tone of Voice

We are empath leaders – our voice is inspiring, clear, and strong. Our communication should be professional but reflect the language of our community, and therefore resonate with it.

The Titan Logo

In creating a new logo for Titanology, we thought deeply about the above tenets. We were particularly inspired by both our community and the key phrases we associate with our customers. When put together, we felt three images brought together our brand, the Titans we work with every day, and the community we wish to build and make more prosperous.

The T: for Titanology. The helmet: for our warrior clients and the business titans they’re becoming. The globe: for the communities we impact.

When brought together, these images create our logo.

We’ve been constantly surprised and inspired by the community within Titanology and without, and this image – the melding together of our mission, clients, and community – perfectly encapsulates that sense of wonder and potential for achievement.

You’ll begin to see these and similar visuals across Titanology’s social media accounts, in email, and in the Out & Proud Business Hub as well. That consistency will allow you, fellow Titan, to instantly recognize our message against the sea of boring business gurus. You’ll know when you see the Titanology globe that whatever message is being delivered, is one that reflects your values and mission as a queer entrepreneur. You’ll know that we’re working alongside you to benefit our community at large and that highly-skilled Titans are on standby to help you meet your biggest goals – every step of the way.

A brand strategy is the foundation of a successful business.

I’m pulling back the curtain a little for transparency – I want you to know exactly what you get, whether you’re in the OPBH or working with me 1-on-1.

But ALSO! My Titan Master team developed this strategy for our own company, and there was no better way to put on display what you get when working with Titanology.

Feeling inspired? Us too! 

Feeling like your business’ identity is getting lost in the crowd? That’s what Titans are here for!

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Stefaan De Vreese

Stefaan, aka 'The Gay Business Titan' is born and raised in Belgium, is a true serial entrepreneur!  After more than 20 years helping corporations analyze, streamline and build productive teams... He came out of the closet at 36 years old and decided to use his knowledge to help people from LGBTQ+ communities start, build, or grow their own business around their passion—so they can have that freedom we all desire!