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Convert your competitor’s most loyal customers using these surprisingly effective sales techniques


In a time when brand loyalty is shifting rapidly amongst both seasoned and new generations of consumers, people are more likely to transfer their customer loyalty to businesses who not only produce quality products and services but who are confident about aligning their brand with consumer-values as well.


The three sales techniques outlined in this blog are not the first things that come to mind when considering how to scale businesses and increase profits. But once you read about these proven strategies, you will immediately understand why these approaches to sales are so game-changing for values-driven business growth in 2023 and why the techniques are especially important for successful LGBTQ+ entrepreneurship in the modern era.


Extracted directly from interviews that we conducted throughout 2022 with leading experts in LGTBQ+ entrepreneurship, adopting these 3 simple, ready-to-implement techniques will guarantee that your business, regardless of its niche, experiences significant increases in sales and impact in the coming year.


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  1. How Clarity Sells Itself

The first technique speaks to the importance of being crystal clear on what you are selling and why you are selling it…before all else. If you, a business owner, are not clear about what you are selling and why it is needed, there will inevitably be gaps in your marketing strategy. You might not notice these gaps immediately, but they are bound to reveal themselves at the most inconvenient of times.


How can you convince others that they need what you offer if you yourself are not convinced?


The hard truth is that most people are looking for reasons not to buy your product. This is understandable. As consumers, we want to save our money whereever possible and when we do spend, we often try to be as intentional about purchases as possible. Consumers need to be convinced that your product will improve their lives in some way. With a clear and effective vision mapped out and readily available to refer to in meetings and creative sessions, your marketing efforts will become effortlessly effective in attracting the people who need what you are offering.

This heart-centered approach to creating a brand image that “sells itself” was given to us by Peter Dewitt, a California-based LGTBQ+ men's wellness entreprenuer, massage therapist and yoga instructor.

In fact, Peter went so far as to provide us with a detailed outline for creating the perfect brand vision. We’ll describe the basics of that outline in the next paragraph, but for a more detailed description from the business expert himself, you can refer to his interview.

In his interview, Peter emphasizes the transformational potential of finding clarity on your brand’s Why? How is our product relevant today? And What is the very next best step forward?


So, before you dip into your marketing budget, take time to flesh out your brand’s vision and use it as a guiding light in your marketing and sales efforts. After all, it costs nothing to get more clear on your vision and the results can save you a lot of time, energy.


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  2. Strategy, The Secret Behind All Effective Sales Campaigns

Having a well-thought-out sales strategy will do more than save you time and money it will increase your success-rate with consumer call to action. In our interview with Rocio Sanchez, an expert brand marketer specializing in LGBTQ+ business marketing, Rocio provided us with this game changing technique for high-performing sales-campaign creation.


Here at Titanology, a business mentorship education hub, one of the most common roadblocks we see our students struggle with is focusing their marketing efforts within and across platforms. Most entrepreneurs understand the importance of outlining an avatar based on their target market but aligning daily content with that outline has proven to be tricky without an effective strategy.


If you suspect that your marketing is being overlooked, adopting the skills to create a strong, targeted and flexible sales strategy might be the next best step forward.
From confusing social media campaigns to impersonal brand stories, an effective marketing strategy often makes the difference between great products that do not receive their due recognition and great products that generate the sales needed to scale production and increase their impact.
The good news is that you’ve already done the hard work of creating a product or service that people need. You’ve fine-tuned the details of your offering for ultimate convenience and have centered it around values that are important to you and your target market.


The even better news is that hundreds if not thousands of potential clients and customers are scouring the internet right now in search of the exact product or service you are offering.

Creating an effective sales strategy is about making it ridiculously easy for your target audience to find you and for them to know that it’s you when they interact with your marketing campaign.

Cost-efficient, value aligned and sustainable marketing strategies are just some of the areas where Rocio goes into dand and epth in our interview.

But Rocio also talks about the importance of embracing trial error processes as you discover a strategy that is effective in supporting your brand’s vision. While it’s important to understand that it is unlikely you’ll uncover that “millions-dollar” strategy straight away, it’s worth knowing that by collaborating with seasoned experts like Rocio and the other interviewees spotlighted in this article, discovering the most effective marketing strategy for your brand won't require significant losses of time and money in unguided trial and error experiences. With specialized LGBTQ+ business mentorship, you can successfully create a high-conversion marketing strategy in your first attempt.


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  3. Lead With Impact And Profit Will Follow

A true “passion pioneer” Fernando Velez founded and continues to run a publication company that offers a voice to LGBTQ+ perspectives while promoting awareness for queer representation in developing nations.


Fenando uses his business to create outreach programs that are personable and specific to the needs of the communities they support. He does all of this while driving profit to keep his operations alive. Fernando’s passion for nurturing his business’s positive impact on the world around him, makes his publication stand out from his competitors. News about his business spreads like wildfire causing like-minded clients to gravitate towards his services almost effortlessly.


Regardless of the type of business you run, you are either selling to or working with human beings who are concerned about the direction that the world they live in is heading towards. Business owners like Fernando are not afraid to integrate into their brand-image, the causes that the people they work with care about.


In today’s consumer climate, community action matters. Brands that go the extra mile to extend the impact of their consumer’s dollar, stand out amongst their competitors. Adding a personable touch to your operation can make a huge difference in an oversaturated market of mechanic, impersonable services.

However, bringing human qualities into your business isn't always simple. For some business owners, the idea of taking a stance can feel so risky that keeping quiet or neutral becomes the common default.

At Titanology, we strongly encourage entrepreneurs to seek guidance from image and marketing experts to avoid rookie mistakes and learn how to strategically integrate specified causes or perspectives into their brand image in a way that supports their operations, the people involved in the cause and their consumers who are eager to lend a helping hand through their spending choices.




When implemented, you will find immense value in these three sales techniques proven by LGBTQ+ business experts. All of the experts featured in this blog have their own interviews on the Titanology Youtube channel.

Titanology is an innovative, interactive LGBTQ+ business platform that offers a wealth of free resources to help entrepreneurs accelerate their business growth using LGBTQ+ specific business education that caters to the needs of current business trends and climates. For more information and resources visit our website.



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