Titan Growth Sprint Formula: a fast, efficient way to grow your revenue

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The Titan Growth Sprint Formula is a unique framework for running your LGBTQ+-owned business. Sprint Methodology, a key component of Agile Management, was originally used in manufacturing and has been adapted to other industries over the years. You’ve likely heard these terms used especially if you’ve worked in B2B services or SaaS. The Titan Growth Sprint Formula is a growth hacking-system which pulls together Strategy Hacking, Sprint Methodology, Battle-Ready Teams, and your Servant Leadership style, to create explosive growth in LGBTQ+-owned businesses. 


The Titan Growth Sprint Formula (we’re just going to refer to this as TGSF from here on out – I can’t keep typing out the whole name every time) is directly pulled from our 5 Golden Pillars at Titanology.  The Pillars are Strategy, Systems, Automation, Leadership, and Team. We call them S.S.A.L.T. for short.

The TGSF is the System we help all Titanology clients implement for fast and efficient growth in their LGBTQ+-owned businesses.

A diverse team is looking at the growth numbers of the business

If your business is growing – by growing, I mean you’ve hired a team (you’re not going it alone anymore) and you understand your leadership style and how to use it to your advantage – you might be finding that your systems aren’t working in quite the way they used to, or as well as you’d hoped.

You might find that your team members are operating in a vacuum.
Maybe they’re not collaborating to keep their connected work moving along.
Maybe they’re not prioritizing the most valuable tasks, and you’re spending money where you don’t need to right this second.

Maybe a million other things could be going better, right? If this sounds familiar, you should consider how implementing the TGSF will add value to your queer-owned business.


Growth Sprints

Growth sprint: Experiment-led approach that focuses on the implementation of growth ideas in every part of the business simultaneously.

(I know, I know – what’s all that word salad mean?)

Pink Neon sign that sais "Dream Big"

Each experiment, or sprint, as it’s commonly called, comprises several goals or assignments your team commits to completing in a set time frame. At Titanology, we use 2-week sprints to keep the team on track to hitting our Big Hairy Audacious Goals (BHAGs) – and to keep anything less than crucial from bogging down our valuable time.


Your BHAG will be achieved by setting ambitious Objectives and Key Results (OKRs) - specific, measurable goals that prove you’re either moving the needle in the right direction. Or not, in which case, you reassess and reset your OKRs based on what is and isn’t working.


As an example:

  • BHAG: I want to be the market leader in my industry and SO in demand, I’m turning away business!
  • One OKR you could set might be: 3X my revenue within 6 months by auditing my offers and ensuring they’re priced correctly.




How to implement the Growth Sprint Formula in Your Business

Once you've set your OKRs, it's time to break them down into actionable initiatives and relevant tasks that will be executed during the growth sprint timeframe for each department or cross-functional team.

We do this across several events:


  1. Sprint Plan Meetings: Here, each member of your team commits to a set of tasks over the course of the Sprint. They should only commit to what’s realistic to complete (you’ll see why in a moment). If their tasks aren’t directly aligned to hitting your OKRs, or if they’re not the most critical task that team members could do – that’s not what they should be focusing their time on.

    Anything not critical should be placed in a backlog of tasks, to be completed later. These backlog tasks can be completed if teams complete their sprint goals ahead of schedule. They can also be moved to a future Sprint if they become more important as you move towards your bigger goals.

  2. Check-Ins: After all teams or team members have agreed upon their goals, you’ll want to stay in touch to ensure things are moving along as you expect. Depending on the complexity of the task or the skill of the team member it’s assigned to, your check-in might be once per week or a daily huddle, and to increase efficiency, you can also do a check-in per department (marketing, sales,...).

    Find the timing that works for both you and the team. You don’t want to micromanage, but you do need to be able to trust that a critical task is staying on track for completion, by quickly going over the metrics that are aligned with the OKRs you’re trying to hit. You can address the timing and efficacy of check-ins during your Sprint Review meeting, which you’ll learn more about below.

  3. Sprint Review Meeting: At the end of the Sprint (remember, this is the time frame you decided upon earlier), you’ll bring the entire team together to review. You’ll cover: what was/ wasn’t accomplished, what worked, what didn’t work, and what improvements would be helpful for the next sprint. 

    That might include adjusting your check-ins, how much work is assigned to each team member, or recognizing that some teams should work more in tandem to be successful. Communication is key here – your team needs to be transparent so their needs are met, while you as their leader should be transparent if your expectations aren't met.

  4. Sprint Plan Meeting: The cycle comes full circle – after reviewing, you’ll again pull together the team to plan their next Sprint. It's best to schedule this meeting on a separate day, so the whole team can shift their mindset toward thinking about what's next. 

Rather than waiting on select teams to complete work and then shifting the focus to another, the TGSF allows all competencies – sales, marketing, operations, etc. – to work towards common goals (OKRs) simultaneously. The consistent review of tasks and strategies for completing those tasks fosters an environment where team members are constantly growing and moving forward

group of team members holding each other and looking into the distance
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From a time-management perspective, you as a business owner cut down on wasted time because you know every committed action is in service of the BHAG you’ve shared with your team. You’ll also find that your team becomes more engaged with the mission by having a roundtable at which they can regularly celebrate achievements, plan, and get involved with their peers.


The difference Titan Growth Sprint Formula makes

I have done the legwork to find anyone else who thoughtfully introduces Sprint Planning as part of a larger framework to systematically grow queer-owned businesses. 

Titanology is the only place you’ll find a business development framework so well-defined and tested.

I’m happy to open up the books (a little, at least) and show you how using TGSF has affected our own team at Titanology. 

When I realized the Titan Growth Sprint Formula would give Titanology’s clients an edge that no other LGBT business development program was delivering, I knew I had to test it myself.

Within 2 months of implementing the TGSF within the Titanology team, we hit our first $20K month.

The proof is in the pudding, as they say. I tested it within my own team and saw an immediate impact and growth in our revenue.


Proven Results from Titan Client Illiemangaro

Titanology client Illiemangaro.be doubled(!) profits within just days of implementing both the TGSF and our Productized Products framework.

Ilse Cuvelier, owner of Illiemangaro, smiling and holding fruits in both hands

For years used to generate $5K per month, Ilse sold TWO productized packages and closed over $10K in sales in 2 days of us working together. We also developed a multi-year strategy to keep Illiemangaro growing, while freeing Ilse’s time to expand the business and take a 4-week holiday without the business breaking down!

💡 Hear owner Ilse’s testimonial in her own words.


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Stefaan, aka 'The Gay Business Titan' is born and raised in Belgium, is a true serial entrepreneur!  After more than 20 years helping corporations analyze, streamline and build productive teams... He came out of the closet at 36 years old and decided to use his knowledge to help people from LGBTQ+ communities start, build, or grow their own business around their passion—so they can have that freedom we all desire!