Why Most Mentorship Programs Won’t Grow Your Business

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The post-pandemic approach to seeing growth, impact, and profits in 2023.


If you feel like you've tried every business-coaching program within your budget and still can’t break through into unlimited growth, then you’ll benefit greatly from understanding the difference between Generalized Business Coaching and Specialized Business Coaching

I promise you, this is the only article you need to read to never waste your time or money on a low-result coaching program again. I guarantee that the next coaching program you invest in will actually grow your business to its fullest potential based on your unique goals.

How Generalized Coaching Programs Waste Your Time And Money


The thing about generalized coaching programs is that they cater to a wide diversity of business owners who hold different core values and who are aiming for a spectrum of different outcomes.


In order for generalized programs to service their wide range of students, these dull coaching programs usually offer basic business templates that lack the detail needed to set new businesses apart from their competitors. The programs are also hyped up with tons of motivational nonsense keeping their students excited to over-confidently waste more time and money on slow and unsustainable growth.

Now, remember, these are insider secrets that very few people know about. So regardless of how bad these programs are, hundreds of new entrepreneurs are going to flock to them because the marketing is strategic as heck and more commonly because most people who join generalized coaching programs believe that building a profitable business requires years upon years of struggle and financial sacrifice. So they don’t question the lack of results that they’re seeing or worse: they're even impressed by the lousy outcomes because their expectations of what they could accomplish were so low coming into the program.


I’m letting you in on these secrets because I’m seeing new business owners giving up on business coaching. As someone who has helped many businesses in their early years achieve profound results, I don't want you to lose faith in the transformative power that effective coaching has to increase your impact and profits. 


I have mentored entrepreneurs on the verge of defeat, despite having great business plans, see huge success in scaling their operations by using the right type of coaching system. 


Alright, now I'll tell you about the type of coaching programs that guarantee real results no matter how far along you are on your journey as a business owner. 



Specialized business-coaching programs work because they aren’t afraid to choose one or two niches to mentor. They know that the specific guidance they offer can guarantee amazing results for their students. Plus - the flexibility and attention to detail they provide ensure that graduates of the program leave with a nuanced business model that can stand the tests of time. 

This consideration for detail and specificity is important in a consumer market that has to work with the economic instability and unpredictability that is a reality of our time. 


In the Out and Proud Business Lounge, our students get the tools to powerfully move forward with their digital business while confidently holding LGBTQ+ values at the heart of their services and products. With guidance from mentors who specialize and have experienced massive success in their areas of expertise, students have the opportunity to receive in-depth guidance that is tailored to their unique business goals. 


Specialized business mentorship programs guarantee success by providing students with evolving curriculums rather than rigid pre-made business-growth templates that have no consideration for the unique circumstances of the businesses involved nor the realities of the current consumer climate. 


If you want to grow your business within your budget and also realize maximum impact and profits, invest in a specialized mentorship program that caters to your specific goals.



The Out and Proud Business Lounge is a collective of specialized business resources that support digital entrepreneurs with businesses grounded in LGBTQ+ values. 

If this sounds like your business, then check out the Out and Proud Business Lounge to learn about our unique approach to growing your LGBTQ+ business in 6 months or less.

Or start by asking your most pressing business question to one of our Titan Masters, so you can get unstuck immediately and already achieve some of the growth you're looking for...


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Stefaan, aka 'The Gay Business Titan' is born and raised in Belgium, is a true serial entrepreneur!  After more than 20 years helping corporations analyze, streamline and build productive teams... He came out of the closet at 36 years old and decided to use his knowledge to help people from LGBTQ+ communities start, build, or grow their own business around their passion—so they can have that freedom we all desire!