The LGBTQ+ Business Podcast

This is the podcast for Out&Proud Entrepreneurs who want to navigate the minefield called business building more easily.

Latest: The ROI of community building.

Titanology is a community-led venture, with a key goal in mind: providing value. In this episode we talk about the potential of building community for your business.

Building a business is a rollercoaster, let's make the ride more enjoyable!

We help members of the LGBTQ+ community turn their side hustles into solid self-sustainable businesses.

This is the podcast for anyone who wants to beat overwhelm, gain clarity, and get through the minefield of business building.

Join Titanology founder Stefaan De Vreese twice a month as he lays out the roadmap to building and scaling a sustainable business.

Congratulations on making the jump!

I often compare being an entrepreneur and building a business with jumping from a mountain and building a plane while falling down. 

The hardest part is actually making the jump, it takes a lot of courage to put yourself out there and take the risk to fail. But as true entrepreneurs, we have the power and tenacity to work our way through a lot of challenges, pitfalls, and minefields,...

The best way to make sure we make it through in one piece is to surround ourselves with other like-minded entrepreneurs who are going through the same journey and sharing their experiences, their mistakes, and their advice.

And that's why we started this podcast, to share our journey of building Titanology and all the steps towards a self-sustainable business.

Sit back, relax and listen to our many failures and how we overcame them.

Here are some of the key insights from the conversation

Building a community can be time-consuming, but it has huge potential.

”As much as it makes sense to create marketing or any other type of content for your business, it makes sense to put time aside to build a community. And just like with content marketing, it just takes time. But if it suddenly takes off... well, I mean, then all the work that you have done has a huge benefit for the business.”

Your community needs to serve a clear purpose.

”If they don’t see the value of joining your community, then they will not join. That is the first question that you need to ask. Why are you creating the community? Who is it for and what value will they get out of it?”

Treat your audience like a funnel: set up free and paid communities!

”Once you have them in your Facebook group, it's about nurturing. It's about providing value. But then the next step is having some place where they have to pay to get into and then in that community, that's your real community, providing even more value.”