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100% Happy Queerpreneurs

Magda Stega

It completely changed my mindset about what's possible.

Magda Stega

This is the first time I feel like I belong.

Magda Stega
Joining the Hub has been a freeing and rewarding experience. I feel like I am able to not only learn a lot of value, but also to provide any feedback and help others in the community. Our voices are heard and very welcomed!
James Jensen Grace, Owner, Branding4Pride
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Why a weekly group session?

It's all about holding space for any queer solopreneur that wants to share their journey and get the support from their peers.
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A safe space to share and ask any question.

We're all in the same boat, building our businesses as queer people, so it's the BEST place to get support from EVERYONE.

Helping you navigate the minefields of business building

With these weekly calls you're able to get unstuck and fast-track your progress,

Whether you're struggling with setting your prices, closing a deal, optimizing your offers, or expanding your client base – we’ve got your back.

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Interactive Queerpreneur Community

Join an energetic community with many high quality Out & Proud entrepreneurs on the same wavelength as you.
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About Stefaan De Vreese

Meet the Host

I am a 44 years young gay person and the founder of Titanology. I came out when I was 36 and have a lot to share...
Mastermind Host
“The truth is EVERY Queerpreneur who's building an impactful business deserves deep connection with others who "GET IT" (especially in the LGBTQ+ Community)”

Stefaan De Vreese

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We make business support accessible for Queerpreneurs from all over the world. Our doors are open to Titans of all ages and any levels of experience. Our mission is to erradicate LGBTQ+ Business failure and making sure EVERYONE gets the chance to build their dream life.

Queerpreneur Stories

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"With Stefaan's support I built up the courage and confidence which to my surprise led to concrete client opportunities that converted at a cost that matches my worth"

Martyn Scott-Thomas

"Since working with Titanology, I have more than doubled my prices. The ongoing guidance and support have helped me to stay confident, find opportunities, and continue to grow my business. "

Ty McCarthy

“The way that Stefaan De Vreese treats his clients/coachees is remarkable. You get a whole bunch of tools qnd training videos that will speed-up your business growth."

Robert Ulmann

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