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We Bring Together LGBTQ+ Entrepeneurs and help them build Self-Sustainable Businesses, the Agile way.

Titanology.world is a growing online community exclusively for LGBTQ+ Business Owners.

We bring together LGBTQ+ entrepreneurs who want to grow a thriving,  self-sustainable business that doesn't rely on them alone to grow! 

Alongside other passionate, committed members, Titanology.world provides a unique way to learn and iterate a proven framework for operational growth so that we can finally seize true freedom––financially, geographically, and with our time––control our lives, and rise to become role models in our community.

The Out & Proud Business Hub is the platform to get you there – to life that may not have seemed possible or realistic. The life you desire – the life you deserve! – is within reach…

Within our platform Titanology.world we have The "OUT & PROUD BUSINESS LOUNGE" for B2B LGBTQ+ Entrepreneurs, including masterclasses such as “Double Your Revenue'', “Supercharging Sales on Social Media, "The Million Dollar Factory" ... just to name a few. 

Besides this, we also have our own podcast "The Out & Proud Business Builders'', which includes a variety of guests that discuss topics related to business, their coming out journey, and the sacrifice to success.

Meet Our Amazing Team

This Is Our Team of Titans!

Founder, CEO
Stefaan De Vreese
Born and raised in Belgium since 1980. As a former basketball coach for 20+ years, it's safe to say that coaching is his passion, as a public speaker and community builder his mission is to show every LGBTQ+ Business Owner how powerful they truly are!
Head of Marketing
Renske Goedhart
A healthy lifestyle enthusiast with a background in Service Management, Change Management (MA) and Hospitality and Spa & Health Management (BBA).I am an ISFJ Defender (MBTI) who is supportive, patient, imaginative, observant and has strong practical digital marketing skills.
Head of Community
Ansis Aldrich Sy
I'm passionate about companies that create equitable policies and practices. Helping them create vibrant communities that foster innovation and collaboration. With over 5 years of experience, I have been helping LGBTQ+ led businesses flourish through virtual assistant services. My expertise include community management, social media marketing, email and calendar management, eCommerce, and recruitment services.
PR Director
Baton Isniqi
As the PR representative for Titanology, my main duty is to create and implement a comprehensive strategy that promotes the brand and message of Titanology across multiple platforms, including podcasts and other media outlets. This involves crafting engaging content and messaging that effectively conveys the company’s values and initiatives. Additionally, I am responsible for ensuring that Titanology is featured prominently in various media channels to maximize the company’s visibility and reach.
Head of Brand Voice
Tiffany Jones
I use the EQ developed throughout my 17-year retail career, and my Social Work education, to listen to what your customers aren’t saying.I’ll transform their unspoken words into clear, empathetic content that really gets you.
Head of Sales
Shikhar Sharma
Sales professional with over 16 years of experience in various industries, including IT, B2B, and Learning & Development. I have a proven track record of exceeding sales targets and building strong relationships with clients and partners. A results-driven, well-versed in the latest sales tools and technologies, and always seeking out new strategies to optimize the sales process and drive revenue growth.
Customer Success Manager
Mitchie Canie
I'm very passionate about delivering an incredibly valuable experience to our customers!
We Are a Happy Team

Our Recent Trusted Clients

These awesome LGBTQ+ Business Owners are becoming Titans!


Company History

  • Founder Stefaan De Vreese working on his laptop in his house in Gent
    Titanology Opens Its Doors
    It all began after I returned from a failed experience in Barcelona and finally found my BHAG in combining my coaching experience, with my Agile and entrepreneurial background.
  • Copy of Copy of Copy of Titanology - Did You Know (4)
    First Queer Business Conference
    After a few succesful first months we decided to setup a first Online Queer Business Conference with great speakers to spread knowledge and awareness in the LGBTQ+ Community.
  • Stefaan De Vreese at a live team meeting with ElevenWays
    Release of Titan Growth Sprint Formula
    We created a unique formula that will help every LGBTQ+ business owner to create operational efficiency in their company and get it "holiday-ready"
  • Owner Stefaan with customer Ilse Cuvelier from Illiemangaro, a real Titan success story!
    Growth on All Levels
    Our team of Titans is growing every single month and now counts 12 awesome people!


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