From Stagnant Growth to Doubling the Business in 6 months!

A dream come true afters years of overworking and not getting anywhere...

Owner Roel was overworked, stressed and too much in the day-to-day operations to be able to focus on growth. After implementing the Growth Sprints, there's a solid strategy and execution in place to help them scale and double their business in the next 6 months! (Update June 2023... they already did!!)

Client Satisfaction

Roel's Testimonial

Profile picture of Roel Van Gils, Founder and CEO of ElevenWays

The Tasks We Did

Implement Titan Growth Sprint Formula & Productivity Booster. Creating a solid multi-year strategy and streamlined processes to execute with confidence.


Eleven Ways

At Eleven Ways, we help you navigate the complexities of digital accessibility and ensure that your digital presence is inclusive and accessible to all. 


Freeing up at least 15 hours of the owners time per week!

Aligned Team of Titans!

Multi Year Strategy!

Double productivity and efficiency.

Reaching Year Goal (500k ARR) to double the business in just 6 months!

Doubling the Team!

On track to a Million Dollar Business!

Stefaan De Vreese at a live team meeting with ElevenWays, team members looking at the computer screen with the presentation of the Titan Growth Sprint Formula
text message from Roel to Stefaan, telling him that the session was very inspiring for the team.

About The Project

Roel is the founder and owner of, a B2B digital accessibility company that helps you navigate the complexities of digital accessibility and ensure that your digital presence is inclusive and accessible to all.. 

When we first met, Roel was feeling very overwhelmed and tired all the time, not able to take any time off at all. Like many business owners who come to us, he needed to do everything himself for YEARS now, unable to rely on team members, not having clear structured systems in place, and basically no idea where the company was headed towards. 

We quickly saw a huge opportunity in implementing the Productivity Booster Framework™ which freed up a huge amount of time from his plate. 

We started to run highly focused Titan Growth Sprints, based on a clear multi-year business growth strategy. After only running for a month, Roel was able to confidently take in a $130.000 deal and put the Battle-Ready Team on it

Month after Month, the revenue was rising and through our Titan Team Builder Strategy, he was able to find and hire great talent for her team so he could step out of the day-to-day operations and finally enjoy running the business again.

Titan Business Growth Process

Productivity Booster
From Day 1 we implemented our Productivity Booster Framework into the daily operations of the CEO. This created huge awareness for Roel and freed up a ton of hours that allowed him to re-invest into building a self-sustainable team!
Battle Ready Team
The business is in good shape, but as an owner Roel was too much involved in every part of the day-to-day operations, making HIM the biggest bottleneck! We installed our Culture-First Battle Ready Team Process to help hire and build a Team of TITANS and relieve Roel from doing everything himself!
Strategy Sprints
To continue to grow, we started implementing Titan Growth Sprints. Based on the strategy we break down the goals and milestones, execute on the priority tasks and measure the most important metrics every single week. No more guessing, we know exactly what works and what doesn't!



We freed up more than 20 hours per week for the CEO, by installing a new hiring process and onboarding a high-performing team member to be the SPOC between the customers and the team, and the CEO.

Upgrading servant leadership skills to improve an accountability culture within the team, allowing them to take ownership and run the business smoothly.

We designed a multi year strategy and breaking it down in bite sized quarterly goals and weekly actions. Allowing the founder and the team to be aligned and super focused on creating continuous growth.

Increased growth in terms of revenue, team, time!

Closing New deals worth more than $130,000!

On track to a dream goal of a million dollar ARR business!

Team members of Eleven Ways feeling happy about the Growth Sprint Formula
picture taken from behind a team member during the presentation of Stefaan
Roel: "Titanology transformed my professional journey"
It's been a while since I've reviewed a product or service, but I had to make an exception for Titanology. Stefaan and the Titanology program have had a major influence on my career path and Eleven Ways, the company he helped grow.Stefaan has acquired a ton of experience from creating his own businesses and aiding corporates. What makes him stand out is his willingness to share this knowledge to support the LGBTQ+ community.His approach is motivating and inspiring, pushing you to reach your full potential. At the same time, he does it with a compassionate touch that makes the whole process fun and enjoyable.Big shoutout to Stefaan and Titanology for changing the game for LGBTQ+ entrepreneurs like myself!

Ongoing Titan Growth Sprint Results

  • Titanology CEO Stefaan points to a whiteboard with an updated ideal time schedule for CEO Roel
    Time Management & Leadership
    We quickly saw a huge opportunity in implementing the Productivity Mastery™, this was a game-changer! Roel won back at least 10 hours of his precious time each week. No more getting lost in the nuances of the biz, darling. With this fabulous secret weapon, Roel leveled up, werked on the business and strayed from drowning in it. It's time to serve some fresh entrepreneurial realness, y'all! 
  • Stefaan De Vreese at a live team meeting with ElevenWays
    A Strategy that Builds A Million Dollar Business
    We've crafted an astonishingly tighter-than-your-favorite-jeans seven-layer upheaval with just one aim – to hoist us into the half-million-dollar annual revenue club within the next pride parade cycle (that's 12 months for the heteros out there).And it's not just any plan, darling. These are Aspirational OKRs, plans so bright and fabulous it would make RuPaul herself blink. Communicated with the whole squad, the fabulous journey has everyone cool as a cucumber yet excited as a drag queen at a sequin sale.The team are not just invested; they're practically dripping in glitter, ready for the rapid growth our stunning company deserves. We're ushering in a new era, and it's going to be FAB-U-LOUS!
  • CEO Stefaan De Vreese explaining how to improve operational efficiency within he company, pointing to a slide with the most important topics
    Increasing Operational Efficiency
    Through our fabulous Titan Team Builder™, which I dare say is a visionary-not-taking-any-bullshit process, a stunning diva rose to the top. Just like a sensational drag queen rising on the stage and shutting the crowd up, we managed to snatch ourselves a fabulous, sparkling new Team Leader. Oh honey, Roel is now prancing out of the dull, non-stop grind of those mundane day-to-day tasks. Finally, he's free to sashay, twist, and twirl in the glamorous wonderland of being at the helm, falling in love with the business all over again. And now, with our electric, fabulous team securely buckled into the rollercoaster, it's time to gloss and polish those ordinary, run-of-the-mill operational processes (yawn). Picture it! The "ElevenWays Experience" machine purring like a finely-tuned drag race car, purging stress and emotional mayhem from the owner and the team faster than one can say ''Yaaas Queen''. Sparkling tight, trailblazing forward. Voila, no more overwhelmed faces, darling. Time to werk it out with joy!
  • Screenshot of LinkedIn post by ElevenWays, highlighting the fact that they hired 3 new team members in the last couple of weeks
    Half a Million Goal Reached in just 6 Months
    just a few months after strutting those sky-high OKR goals, we hit that coveted 500k ARR milestone. GURL, that's MONEY in the bank! And guess what, darling? We didn't just sip champagne to celebrate -- we doubled the size of our drag family. Talk about a true success story, henny! But snatch your wigs, dears, because we're just warming up. It's time to upgrade those goals and reach for the big, sparkly stars. We may have built a solid base in the rainbow-laden land of Belgium, but Europe is calling for some queer corporate magic. So, step aside, basic business bitches; we're comin' through! By amp-ing up our Growth Sprints like a drag queen on caffeine, we keep this fabulous growth train rolling without being totally drowned under the work (and that's so uncouth, darling). But wait, there's even more glitter on the cake - our very own Roel finally has the time to flex those muscles at the gym again, after being buried in the deep, dark recesses of the business world. Talk about a win-win, babes!
TrustPilot testimonial from ElevenWays CEO Roel Van Gils, giving us a solid 4 stars and a raving review

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