From Overwhelm to Streamlined and Focused

Owner Roel was overworked, stressed and on the verge of just quitting all together. After implementing the Growth Sprints, Roel can step back and let the team run the show with confidence!

Within a few weeks we tackled and improved the owner's time management so he had the space to get the team onboard with the growth sprints. We worked on the strategy and could align the full team to take ownership of their part in the business growth!

Client Satisfaction

Roel's Testimonial

Roel Van Gils, Founder and CEO of ElevenWays

The Tasks We Did

Implement Titan Growth Sprint Formula & Productivity Booster. Creating culture-first hiring process.


Eleven Ways


Freeing up at least 15 hours of the owners time per week!

Aligned Team of Titans!

Multi Year Strategy!

Double productivity and efficiency.

Stefaan De Vreese in front of a white board pointing to the Productivity Booster exercise we just did with Eleven Ways

About The Project

Roel is the founder and owner of, a B2B digital accessibility company that helps you navigate the complexities of digital accessibility and ensure that your digital presence is inclusive and accessible to all.. 

When we first met, Roel was feeling very overwhelmed and tired all the time, not able to take any time off at all. Like many business owners who come to us, he needed to do everything himself for YEARS now, unable to rely on team members, not having clear structured systems in place, and basically no idea where the company was headed towards. 

We quickly saw a huge opportunity in implementing the Productivity Booster Framework™ which freed up a huge amount of time from his plate. 

We started to run highly focused Titan Growth Sprints, based on a clear multi-year business growth strategy. After only running for a month, Roel was able to confidently take in a $130.000 deal and put the Battle-Ready Team on it

Month after Month, the revenue was rising and through our Titan Team Builder Strategy, he was able to find and hire great talent for her team so he could step out of the day-to-day operations and finally enjoy running the business again.

Titan Business Growth Process

Productivity Booster
From Day 1 we implemented our Productivity Booster Framework into the daily operations of the CEO. This created huge awareness for Roel and freed up a ton of hours that allowed him to re-invest into building a self-sustainable team!
Battle Ready Team
The business is in good shape, but as an owner Roel was too much involved in every part of the day-to-day operations, making HIM the biggest bottleneck! We installed our Culture-First Battle Ready Team Process to help hire and build a Team of TITANS and relieve Roel from doing everything himself!
Growth Sprints
To continue to grow, we started implementing Titan Growth Sprints. Based on the strategy we break down the goals and milestones, execute on the priority tasks and measure the most important metrics every single week. No more guessing, we know exactly what works and what doesn't!



We freed up more than 20 hours per week for the CEO, by installing a new hiring process and onboarding a high-performing team member to be the SPOC between the customers and the team, and the CEO.

Upgrading servant leadership skills to improve an accountability culture within the team, allowing them to take ownership and run the business smoothly.

We designed a multi year strategy and breaking it down in bite sized quarterly goals and weekly actions. Allowing the founder and the team to be aligned and super focused on creating continuous growth.

Increased growth in terms of revenue, team, time!

Closing New deals worth more than $130,000!

Team members of Eleven Ways feeling happy about the Growth Sprint Formula

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