From burned out to Structured and Scalable

Owner Ilse was overworked, stressed and on the verge of just quitting all together. A few Growth Sprints later, she is more energized and excited than ever to scale the company to a worldwide success!

From the start we reconstructed the packages and sales process so that we could quickly increase the profit and get a better foundation to build out a high performing team and automated systems so Ilse, as business owner, was able to step out and avoid complete burnout.

The Task, We Did

Implement Titan Growth Sprint Formula & Productized Profits Framework

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Double the amount of profit after 30 days!

Aligned Team of Titans!

Multi Year Strategy!

About The Project

Ilse is founder and owner of, a B2B events company that offers businesses amazing team building experiences in their location at Dok Noord, Gent, Belgium. 

When we first met, Ilse was ready to throw in the towel. She was running on fumes, having to do everything herself for YEARS now, not able to rely on team members, not having clear structured systems in place and basically no idea where the company was headed towards.

We quickly saw a huge opportunity in implementing the Productized Profits Frameworkâ„¢ which doubled their profits in just a few days. Ilse was able to sell 2 Productized Packages in the first 2 days of working together. 

We started to run highly focused Titan Growth Sprints, based on a clear multi-year business growth strategy. Month after Month, the revenue was rising and through our Titan Team Builder Strategy, she was able to find and hire great talent for her team so she could step out of the day to day operations and finally enjoy running the business again.

Titan Business Growth Process

Strategy Hacking
From Day 1 we implemented our GPE (Goal - Planning - Execution) system into Illiemangaro. This created huge clarity for Ilse and her team to understand where the company was going towards and how to get there together!
Productized Profits
Ilse had been working on growing Illiemangaro for 15 years already, but was stuck in a bad pricing model. We created a productized service from her current offers. After just 48 hours of selling the new package at DOUBLE the price, she sold 2 and gathered twice the profit!
Growth Sprints
To continue to grow, we started implementing Titan Growth Sprints. Based on the strategy we break down the goals and milestones, execute on the priority tasks and measure the most important metrics every single week. No more guessing, we know exactly what works and what doesn't!



We doubled the revenue and profit in just 5 days. 

We freed up more than 20 hours per week for the CEO, by hiring a high performing team member for the Marking, Sales and Event department.

We designed a multi year strategy and breaking it down in bite sized quarterly goals and weekly actions. Allowing the founder and the team to be aligned and super focused on creating continuous growth.

Monthly Revenue growth of 25%!


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