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Titanology is a growing online community exclusively for LGBTQ+ Business Owners. 

Our goal? Help you build a self-sustainable business so that you can finally seize true freedom––financially, geographically, and with your time,
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A huge network of LGBTIQ+ Business owners will help you create more impact in your business and for your customers than ever before!

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We bring together some truly cool subject-matter experts, all part of the LGBTQ+ community!

Founder, CEO
Stefaan De Vreese
I am a 42 year young, Belgian Gay Man! I chose to use my knowledge and experience of building communities like to help LGBTQ+ Business Owners find each other and discover unique connections and knowledge.
Rocio Sanchez
I am a multicultural brand strategist and multilingual digital marketing expert who helps queer entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs of color take up space in the fashion industry––and beyond!
Queer Leadership
Peter DeWitt
Started multiple profitable & scalable businesses over the last 20 years, and knows first-hand how important it is to get frequent accountability and surround yourself with like-minded leaders. Most recently founded, a directory for worldwide queer-identified wellness practitioners."

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