Feb 8 / Stefaan De Vreese

Why You Should Hire a Gay Business Coach for your Gay-Owned Business

Business coaches are a dime a dozen these days - anyone with a laptop and a Wifi connection can just decide they’re an expert. But unfortunately for their customers, business coaches are often generating tons of business for themselves - not their clients! That can spell disaster for LGBTQ+-owned businesses, and that’s why your gay business deserves a gay business coach!
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By using a Specialized Business Coach, you’ll see better profits and feel more supported. Your business will be set up for sustainable growth because solutions are tailored to your business - not the masses.

In this blog post, you’ll discover:
  • The big mistake many business owners are making when selecting a business coach - and why they’re falling for it.
  • The difference your business sees when you select a specialized business coach from your own community.
  • How Titanology takes business coaching to a new level - but only for the Queer community!

How Generalized Coaching Programs Waste Your Time And Money

Most business coaching programs cater to a wide array of business owners who hold different values and who are aiming for a spectrum of different outcomes. For generalized programs to service their wide range of students, these dull coaching programs usually offer basic business templates that lack the detail needed to set new businesses apart from their competitors.

Have you ever heard that saying, that you can’t be everything to everyone? Or – you’re not everyone’s cup of tea?

That’s really what so many business coaching programs are missing. They’re trying to be everyone’s cup of tea. They’re too afraid of offending a potential customer, or they’re taking on clients they just don’t care about – because they’re working for vanity metrics.

Lackluster coaches peddling in motivational nonsense to keep their students excited to over-confidently waste more time and money on slow and unsustainable growth.

Regardless of how bad these programs are, hundreds of new entrepreneurs are going to flock to them because the marketing is strategic as hell. What’s more, most people who join generalized coaching programs incorrectly believe that building a profitable business requires years upon years of struggle and financial sacrifice.

So they don’t question the lack of results that they’re seeing.

Or worse- the poor schmucks might even be impressed by their lousy outcomes because their expectations of what they could accomplish were so low going in. 

Why Your Queer-Owned Business Needs Specialized Coaching

Specialized business-coaching programs work because their coaches aren’t afraid to choose one or two niches to mentor. Rather than trying to be everyone’s cup of tea, specialized coaches know that it’s okay if they cater to those who love a nice lemon-ginger blend.

The specific guidance they offer can guarantee amazing results for their clients. Plus - the flexibility and attention to detail they provide ensure that their clients are able to build their businesses sustainably. 

Now – let’s bring it back ‘round. I’ve mentored entrepreneurs on the verge of defeat. Despite having great business plans, they didn’t understand how to package their products or have the systems in place to sustainably scale their businesses.

After years of doing this work, which I really loved, I found myself unfulfilled. I realized that I didn’t just want to grow anyone’s business. I wanted to help my own community. The Queer community deserves business coaching from someone who shares their values, their experiences, and their challenges.

We may not like ugly truths, but here’s another one for you: Wealth is power. And when we create more wealth for our beautiful Queer community; when we build longer tables instead of higher fences, it benefits everyone. Even those not in our community.

Queer-owned businesses fail at higher rates than their cishet-owned counterparts.

I find that fact unacceptable. And in a world that’s constantly working to silence us, we cannot give up. But I’m a business coach, not a politician. So I decided I would only work with Queer entrepreneurs. I would focus my energies exclusively on eradicating LGBTQ+ business failure.

I created Titanology to deliver a bespoke coaching experience to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer owners. And I’ve brought in subject-matter experts in critical areas to achieve Titanology’s mission.

The Titan Master Team is comprised of experts in Marketing, Social Media, Finance, Leadership, and more. 

In the Out and Proud Business Lounge, our students get the tools to powerfully move forward with their digital business while confidently holding LGBTQ+ values at the heart of their services and products. With guidance from mentors who specialize and have experienced massive success in their areas of expertise, students have the opportunity to receive in-depth guidance that is tailored to their unique business goals.

Why Titanology?

More than a business coaching program, I’ve created a platform just for us.

You have a Safe Space to build your business. You only need to worry about one thing when you’re a Titanology client – your business.

All our events – and you know we LOVE events! – are hosted in the Out & Proud Business Hub.
  • Titan Master Sessions to dig in deep and perfect your strategies
  • Masterclasses based on each month’s focus
  • Monthly Networking Events & Book Clubs (wine optional!)
Plus – you get immediate access to ME, The Gay business Titan.
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